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T H E  O R M E   R A N C H







Thank you for visiting our website; we're excited to share our story with you.

The Orme Ranch is a family owned business located on 26,000 acres in the high desert grasslands of central Arizona. Operating since 1929, our family is committed to holistic ranching ideals. We are proud to produce natural grassfed beef and farm products of exceptional quality. We achieve this by conserving water, preserving land, and respecting animals. 

​As stewards of natural resources, we are always seeking creative and adaptable methods to ensure our products are sustainably and responsibly managed with the highest possible standards. 

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​For more information about the ranch managers and our ranching philosophy, please scroll down. 

Ranch Management Anchor


At the core of our success are the ranch managers, Enoch and DeDawn Malouff. Their combined experience and dedication to conscientious stewardship has been an invaluable asset to The Orme Ranch since they joined our team in 2014. 


Enoch was born and raised in nearby Cordes Junction. He has a B.S. in Animal Science with a minor in Chemistry from the University of Arizona.  DeDawn is from Duncan, Arizona. She earned her A.D. in Continuous Studies from Yavapai College. 

They were blessed beyond measure when their handsome son Giles came into their lives last year. 

Philosophy process
Our Ranching Philosophy
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Water is a precious desert resource; for this reason, we ensure our water supply is carefully monitored and preserved.  


Some of our water-smart technologies include laser leveled fields, drip irrigation, windmill sourced water, and diversion & storage of natural springs. 


We believe cattle raised in a low-stress, natural environment is the key to happy cows and excellent beef. 

Orme Ranch cattle graze and water freely in large open spaces, and are never overcrowded. Our cattle are closely monitored for health and always hormone free. 


Our land management goals include improving and sustaining the health, biodiversity and productivity of our landscapes. We achieve this by rotating crops, resting the land, and never over-grazing.


Orme Ranch is committed to building and maintaining healthy riparian areas to benefit both land and wildlife.  

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